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Information about FarmHub


FarmHub contains only general information, and the National Farmers’ Federation does not specifically endorse any of the programs or organisations referenced on FarmHub. We encourage you to make your own inquiries about the organisations from which you choose to seek support. 

If you are looking to support farmers via a charitable donation, this website does not contain any recommendations or advice on where you should donate. 

For further information, we recommend you review our Terms and Conditions.

The FarmHub aims to provide farmers with a single portal through which they can access information about assistance and advice to manage hardship, with an initial focus on drought. Longer term we intend to broaden the scope of FarmHub to include more information relevant to farmers and farming communities.

Specifically, FarmHub contains two separate resources:

  • a comprehensive directory of assistance available to farmers from a range of government and private sources; and
  • informative articles and information relevant to managing a farm business during hardship.

FarmHub has been developed by the National Farmers’ Federation using funding from the Commonwealth Government and in partnership with numerous government and non-profit agencies which provide support to farmers.

This collaboration was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the National Drought Summit in October 2018.

The best way to find assistance options relevant to you is using our Explore Assistance page.

On that page, you’ll find every available support option listed on FarmHub.

To refine these options, click the ‘Search Filters’ button on the top right of the page, and select the state/territory and assistance measures relevant to you.

You can also search for particular measures and providers using the keyword search in the Search Filters menu.

FarmHub primarily focuses on programs available nationally or across an entire state or territory. This means there may be local programs in your town or region which don’t appear here. You should keep an eye on local media for these sorts of opportunities.

FarmHub is also focussed on support and assistance which specifically targets farmers. You may also be eligible for programs and assistance which targets the whole community, and you should talk to relevant providers about your full range of options.

Lastly, FarmHub only provides limited information about events and assistance measures which are available to people in farming communities who are not farmers themselves. Our hope is to continue adding new programs and functionality in future.

Our team is working hard to keep the information here relevant and up to date, but it’s a big job and we welcome your feedback if you spot gaps or errors.

Please use the Contact Us form below to get in touch with the NFF Team if you see anything you think needs changing.

We’re doing our best to capture all assistance available to farmers, and if you identify a gap in our information we’d love to hear from you. Please submit an inquiry using our Contact Us form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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